Top 5 Resources In 2022 To Create And Edit Video Online For Free

Choosing the right online video editor is going to make all the difference in whether your videos look like they’ve been made by a complete beginner or a Hollywood filmmaker. There’s this accelerating need for top-quality video content these days.

Not just businesses, but even common people are earning good money by creating YouTube videos, live streaming on Instagram, and creating their own OTT video subscription brands.

So, if you’re lagging behind on tapping into the power of visual content, it’s high time you get going with this. Experienced video editors already have good skills in transforming raw footage into masterpieces.

But what about the amateurs this 2022? And what about the small businesses with low budgets? How do they create and edit videos online for free? Not a problem at all, when you have all kinds of video editing resources available online.

Ready to get going? Lights, camera, and action!

1. Lightworks

Lightworks is a good online video editing tool that’s available for Linux, Mac, and Windows. This powerful video editing tool lets you edit your videos for free without going through any hassles.

It has a plethora of features like Multicam support, high precision trimming, export to 720p for YouTube, and exclusive support for a wide range of different video formats. The free version of this video editing tool is enough for inexperienced editors and has features that will make video editing child’s play for users.

It even features video tutorials to make it easier and quicker for beginners to get up and running. Lightworks works best for all-inclusive desktop video editing and offers above par results.

2. Wondershare Filmora

This multifaceted video editing platform offers the best features for beginners just getting into editing. It’s a simple, standard, top-quality video editing tool that enables users to create and edit videos on varied devices.

This is an easy-to-use online video editing tool with a super intuitive design that comes replete with overlays, filters, transitions, motion elements, etc.

Wondershare Filmora offers GIF and 4K support and even comes with title tools. These kinds of features are trending in video editing tools these days. While Wondershare Filmora does not have the exact functionality, it does have a few snazzy titling attributes on offer for its users.

The title tools do an amazing job of superimposing 3D titles over videos and rotating them on three axes. Yet another great feature of this tool is its Easy Mode, which allows users to create polished and fun edits by simply dragging and dropping footage. The Easy Mode also helps users choose music and themes for their videos.

3. InVideo

This online video editor is a perfect tool for amateurs possessing little to no knowledge about editing videos to make them attractive and informative. If you want to create and edit videos without taking too much time and without understanding the finest details that go into perfectly edited videos, then this is the tool for you.

It comes packed with several useful features despite being available online. First off, it offers access to more than 3500 templates in exclusive design to streamline the video creation procedure.

It even gives users the option of exporting their videos in High Definition and leveraging URL –to-video and text-to-speech features for transforming blogs and other textual content into quick and engaging videos.

With this tool,you get easy access to different platforms that offer royalty-free content. The videos you edit using this tool are free of watermarks, and you even have the scope to export more than 60 videos per month at 720p resolution.

Not only this, It also comes with a stock media library of more than 8 million images, videos, and music. It has some of the best tools that make it easy to create and edit awesome videos quickly.

Not to mention, users even get access to stickers, masks, and vector shapes. With the use of this tool, you can create almost any kind of video you might want. Their templates are also searchable, which means you can easily find something that works for you.

Another option on offer is the ability to use an advanced timeline view and work in layers. The Intelligent Video Assistant available with InVideo offers AI-generated instructions for improving your visual content.

4. HitFilm Express

This free online video editing tool works best for both experts and amateurs. This is a professional-grade video editor that features stunning online tutorials that can help new users.

The tool is designed to make the professional video editing experience seamless for every individual, whether experts or amateurs. This editor will make it easy for you to adjust the colour balance in your video while also enabling you to easily trim clips and export your assignments in varied video formats.

The most amazing thing about this online video editing tool is that it gives users the ability to set green screen chroma keys. It even lets users take their videos to the next level by using various 3D compositional tools.

You can also use Hitfilm Express for creating customized video masks. In the beginning, this video editor might appear a bit confusing to first-time users, but as you get your hands on it, the tool will get easier and convenient to work with.

The user interface of this video editor is super intuitive and familiar to those who have already worked with advanced video editing tools.

5. Animoto

You must give Animoto a try for making the best promotional videos. It’s an online video editing tool specifically designed to assist marketers and organizations in driving marketing results.

Just like all the other video editing tools in this list, Animoto is specifically designed to stream users’ video creations. There’s a stock media library filled with images and videos to help users create all kinds of videos.

There’s even an option to upload your images and videos along with a music library. There are storyboard templates available to speed up the video editing process. Apart from this, you can add the logo and colour of your brand, trim videos and crop them, and even add filters, transitions, and effects to make attention-grabbing videos.


Go for any of these top 5 online video editors to create and edit videos this 2022, and you won’t fail to produce the most stunning videos ever. It’s just that you need to persistently practice and get better at using these resources effectively. The rest of it all comes to you naturally.

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