Ask your SEO Questions & Doubts – SEOBot

MuellerBot, a Google AI clone of John Mueller, was built by Danny Richman. It was created using a GPT-3 script to respond to SEO questions as though John Mueller himself had responded. It’s a lot of fun and sometimes terrifyingly realistic.

Google’s Search Advocate and host of Google’s SEO Office Hours webinar is John Mueller.
MuellerBot is a GPT-3-powered script that answers your most difficult SEO inquiries in John Mueller’s signature style.

Before acting on any advice, please double-check the accuracy of the data provided by this tool. Neither John Mueller nor Google have given their approval to this script.

Ask your SEO Questions & Doubts – SEOBot

Get Answers to your SEO Questions with MuellerBot.

Step 1: Create a free account.

You will receive $18 in free API credits when you register.

Take a copy of your private API key and save it on your device once you’ve enrolled.

Step 2: Download a copy of MuellerBot script and Google Sheet for free.

Step 3: In Cell A2 of the “Settings” tab, enter your API Key from Step 1.

Step 4: Fill in Cell A2 of the “MuellerBot” form with your SEO question. “What is the greatest approach to avoid losing organic traffic during a site migration?” for example.

Step 5: After a brief interval, the solution should show in cell B2, along with an image of the great man himself.

How does John Mueller AI Bot works?

GPT-3 isn’t just searching a database or using Google’s search index.

Data from CommonCrawl, WebText, Wikipedia, and a huge corpus of books was used to train GPT-3. It immediately collects information from a variety of sources and combines it to create your request.

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