How to Use Jio Phone SIM in Smartphone

In this post I will show you how to use Jio Phone SIM in smartphone.

A lot of people using Jio Phone has this doubt. It is because they want to use the Jio SIM in it on other smartphones. Yes, you can use it. But you have to follow some procedures to enable its full working.

There is a device from Jio called JioFi. Its a personal hotspot device that works with Jio SIM in it. You cannot use it with a non Jio SIM. But, its not the case with Jio Phone SIMs.

What happens when you insert a Jio Phone SIM to other Phones

When you insert your Jio Phone SIM to any other smartphone like Xiaomi, Samsung, Nokia etc. you can see that the network coverage is still available. But you may not be able to make a call or access the internet (mobile data) on that smartphone in most cases.

You can overcome this issue easily with a trick. The reason for this issue is that, the Jio Phone SIM will work only on Jio Phones as the recharges are specially made for Jio Phones. So, when you insert it on other mobile phones, you can’t use it properly. To enable its working on other smartphones, what you can do is to recharge that Jio SIM with some specific plans.

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How to use Jio Phone Sim in Smartphone

Now let us check out how to use your Jio Phone SIM in your smartphone. Let it be Samsung, Xiaomi or any.

As I already said, you have to do special recharge to start using your Jio Phone SIM on other smartphones. If you ask me how to convert jio phone sim to normal jio sim, I will recommend doing this method.

1. Insert the Jio Phone SIM card in your smartphone.

Take the Jio Phone SIM out of the Jio Phone and insert it in your smartphone.

2. Install the MyJio app.

MyJio app is available for both Android and iPhone. Android users can download it from Play Store and iOS users can download it from the App Store.

3. Sign Up/Login on MyJio app.

If you already have a Jio account, then you can use the same account to login here. Or, you can also login using your Jio SIM number. You can fill the OTP received on your Jio number to complete the process.

4. Make an Rs 99 Jio Prime Recharge

If you are using your Jio Phone SIM in a non Jio Phone for the first time, and also if you haven’t done a Prime recharge before, now you have to do it. It is a recharge of Rs 99. You can do it from the MyJio app. For some internet plans, you can see that the Prime recharge is already included with it. In this case, you don’t have to do another Prime recharge.

Nowadays, the Rs 99 Prime recharge is not available on the app for some users. If you have the same situation, then you can visit your nearest Jio Store and ask them to do a Prime recharge of Rs 99.

5. Choose a recharge plan

After the Prime recharge, now you can do data, call or any other recharge plan to your Jio Phone SIM number. And, now your Jio Phone SIM is ready to use on any other smartphone.

Please note that, Jio may change the recharge amount or procedures over time. Make sure that the method is still working by visiting your nearest Jio store.


Now I hope you have learned how to use your Jio Phone SIM in an Android smartphone. You can try this method, but we recommend contacting a Jio store or a Jio professional before you do this, to make it 100% successful. If you have any queries regarding this post, comment them below.

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