Jio Phone Internet Sharing via Bluetooth

In this post I will share with you how to do Jio Phone internet sharing via Bluetooth. This trick is done by using Jio Phone Bluetooth tethering. You can follow the simple steps mentioned below so that you can start browsing internet on any other smartphone using this technique.

As we all know Jio Phone is not a phone that is much advanced as a normal smartphone. It is like a normal phone that operates on keypad and not touchscreen. But you can access internet with this phone. There are a lot of guys who use its internet for other purposes. This is mainly because, it consumes very low amount of data. So, there might be internet data that is not used. This can be also made useful if there is no other options to browse internet.

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How internet sharing via Bluetooth tethering works?

If you have a smartphone or a device that supports Bluetooth tethering, then you can get internet access to other devices kept near to it. You can enable the Bluetooth tethering option on your device and connect another device to it via Bluetooth. Now turn on the mobile internet connection on the tethering enabled device.

Nowadays, Bluetooth tethering is not commonly used due to the availability of other fast internet setups. But you can try this in emergency cases or when you are travelling.

Why should you know this?

  • Useful for travelers to access internet.
  • For use in emergency situations.
  • Use as a backup method.
  • To use the internet data on other devices.

Jio Phone Internet Sharing via Bluetooth

Let us check out how to tether internet via Bluetooth on your Jio Phone. Follow the steps below to know in detail on Jio Phone internet sharing via Bluetooth.

  1. Turn on mobile internet on your Jio Phone device.
  2. Go to ‘Settings‘.
  3. Now turn on Bluetooth.
  4. Now connect your Jio Phone with a smartphone via Bluetooth.

Done. Now you can access the internet data of your Jio Phone on the other device.

If you have issues with this method, tick the ‘internet access’ option on the smartphone.

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