How to Reset Jio Phone | Jio Phone Reset Codes

In this post I will show you the easiest ways to fix your Jio Phone with Jio Phone reset code.

Jio Phone is not a very advanced mobile phone, but you can get a lot of useful features in it. You can even access the internet with it. The reason for the success of Jio Phones are, they are feature rich and available at low rates. Following the debut of the Jio Phone, a lot of people have purchased it in the first few months itself.

Now, if you are struggling to unlock your Jio Phone, I will help you to get out of this. Like any other phone, you can unlock your device easily with Jio Phone hard reset code.

Don’t be concerned if you have forgotten your Jio Phone password. There are a few options for resolving the issue with your Jio Phone.

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Why should you Hard Reset your Jio Phone?

You may need to reset your Jio Phone for a variety of reasons. You may forget your password, or it may no longer work as a result of recent changes. Hard Reset is usually done to clean up your device or to take it back to the original condition.

Most people do hard reset when they forget the password lock or if the device performs too slow.

When you do a hard reset on your Jio Phone, you get it clean and perform well. It is because all the junk files are now cleared and the device is in a fresh condition.

Jio Phone Reset Codes

Use the Jio Phone password reset code given below to reset your Jio Phone device.

Jio Phone ModelReset Code
Jio Phone F211SPower Key + 8 Button
Jio Phone F101KPower Key + 1 Button
Jio Phone F61FPower Key + Call Button
Jio F10QPower Key + Up + Down Button
Jio Phone F81EPower Key + 8 Button
Jio Phone F30CPower Key + Up Button
Jio Phone F90MPower Key + Up Button
Jio LYF F2401Power Key + Back Button
Jio Phone LF2402Power Key + Down Button
Jio Phone LF LYF2403NPower Key + * Button
Jio Phone F120BPower Key + * Button
Jio Phone F41TPower Key + OK Button
Jio Phone F50YPower Key + OK Button
Jio Phone F220BPower Key + * Button
Jio F250YPower Key + Up Button

Please note that it’s not the same Jio Phone lock code for all models. If your device model is not listed here, you can try any of the methods given above.

How to Reset Jio Phone – Hard Reset Method

Now let us check out how to reset your Jio Phone. People often try this method when their Jio Phone mobile gets stuck/hangs showing the logo.

Please note that if you reset your Jio Phone device, you will lose the data that you have stored. Also, reset codes are different for some models.

  1. Open your Jio Phone back cover and remove the battery for a few seconds and then insert it back properly.
  2. Now press and hold the Power key + ‘8‘ button for a few seconds to enter the Recovery panel (Please check the list to find the reset code for your device model).
  3. Now choose the ‘Wipe data/factory reset‘ option. Use navigation keys to move up and down, and the Power button to make a selection.
  4. For ‘Use the navigation/power keys‘, choose ‘Yes‘.
  5. Now your Jio Phone device will start the hard reset process and you will again reach back to the Recovery panel.
  6. Now choose the ‘Reboot system now‘ option from the menu.

Done. Now you have completed the Jio Phone hard reset process. After a few seconds, your device will start functioning as normal.

How to Reset Jio Phone – Factory Reset Method

This is the ‘Factory Reset’ method. When you perform this, all the personal data and newly added files will be completely lost.

  1. Open your Jio Phone.
  2. Go to Menu > Settings > Backup & Reset.
  3. Choose the Factory Data Reset option.
  4. Now confirm to begin the reset process.
  5. The device will reboot, and the process is completed.

Done. Now you can use your device as normal.

Things to care before Jio Phone Hard Reset

If you want to complete the hard reset process successfully, we suggest you note the points listed below.

Keep a file backup

Always try to keep a backup file with you before you start the device reset process. This can help you save the important files and documents with you. When you perform a reset, you will lose all the data that you have stored.

Check battery charge level

Make sure that you have charged your device to at least 75%. If the reset process takes longer than expected, then you don’t have to charge your device again. If your device goes off due to no charge during a hard reset process, it may lead to other issues.

Remove SIM card and SD Card

For some devices, it is recommended to remove the SIM card and Memory card (SD card) from the device.

Get help from an expert

If you are not familiar with the reset processes, then it’s recommended to get expert help. This will allow you to go the right direction. If you make any mistake, in some cases it can lead to other issues.


Now I hope you have learned how to reset your Jio Phone. If you have any queries regarding this, be happy to comment below.

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