How to see Message Read Recipients in Telegram Group [New Update]

In this post, let us check out how to check message read recipients on Telegram.

Telegram is one of the most popular social messaging platforms. It has been growing quickly for the past few years. This is because of the simplicity and rich features provided by them. One thing people like about Telegram is, its a clean and simple platform. And also, it has a lot of features for free, that’s not available on other similar platforms.

Recently Telegram introduced some new features on its latest update. One stunning feature is the message read receipts in small groups.

So now, I will show you how you can see who viewed your messages in a Telegram group.

How to see Message Read Recipients in Telegram Group

Telegram now allows its users to view the people who viewed their messages. But this function is only available to small groups. Follow the steps below to know how to see read recipients in a Telegram group.

  1. Open the Telegram app on your device.
  2. Click on any group.
  3. Tap any message that you have sent.
  4. In the menu appeared for that message, you can see read recipients on the top.

Done. Now you have learned how to see who viewed your message in a Telegram group.

Please note that this function is only available in small groups. This was stated by Telegram when they released this feature on their latest update.

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How to see read recipients in a Telegram channel

Read recipients only work for small Telegram groups. You cannot see read recipients in a Telegram channel. In a Telegram channel, only admins are able to send posts. Whenever a message is posted, it will be seen with the name of the channel and not that person.

If you want to show your name when you post a new message in a Telegram channel, then you can turn on the signature option in channel settings. After turning on, the name of the admin who has sent the message will be displayed below.

Subscribers and admins in a Telegram channel cannot see read recipients or the people who have read the messages. But, they can see the number of subscribers that have already seen the message.

FAQs – Telegram Group Read Recipients

Can you see who read your message on Telegram?

You can see who has read your message on Telegram by just tapping on a message that you have sent. If you are in a private chat, there will be a double tick symbol for messages read by that person. But note that, the read recipients feature is only available in small groups.

How do you know someone is watching you on Telegram?

Telegram allows you to check if someone watched your message by a green double tick mark near to the message that you have sent. If there is only one tick, then it says that the message was not watched by the receiver.

What do the check marks mean on Telegram?

If there is only one check mark, then it means the message was successfully sent, but not read by the recipient. In groups, if there is a double tick, it says at least one person has already viewed your message.

How long can you see read receipts in a Telegram group?

In Telegram groups, read receipts are shown for only 7 days after the message was sent. Telegram says this has been done to protect the privacy of its users.

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