How to hide WhatsApp Name and Profile Picture using Hide Chat Name

The popularity of WhatsApp has been increasing very fast and now it is hard to find someone who has never used or heard about WhatsApp. WhatsApp played a good role in connecting people no matter how distant they are.

Nowadays we spend more time on WhatsApp everyday even in public places such as bus, bus stop, train, office, classroom, market etc. But whenever we use WhatsApp in public places, a common problem is that people around us can see the messages we type or to whom we send it. Also there are chances that people will misuse the data they get from our WhatsApp screens. Most of you may have thought of a feature for WhatsApp which allows to hide the recipient details.

Yes, now we have a solution for such issues. In this post you will know how to hide WhatsApp name and profile picture of whom you are chatting with in just a click, using Hide Chat Name App.

Download Hide Chat Name APK

Disclaimer: Please make yourself sure that the app is safe before downloading.

Download Hide Chat Name APK for Android devices:

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How to hide WhatsApp Name and Profile Picture from Others

Hide Chat Name is a simple android smartphone application which allows you to hide the name and profile picture of a WhatsApp contact in public. It also allows you to display a fake name for specific WhatsApp contacts.

  1. Open Hide Chat Name Android app
  2. Give permissions for usage access and to draw over other apps
  3. Click on the Customize icon to apply custom name and display picture
  4. Click the Save button to make changes
  5. Open WhatsApp application and choose a chat
  6. Click on the floating icon on the screen

Done. Now you have activated the fake contact details. You can click on the floating button again to show the original contact details.

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Features of WhatsApp Hide Chat Name

  • Guard the name and profile picture of a WhatsApp contact.
  • Modify last seen of a WhatsApp contact.
  • Change between names in just a click.
  • Movable floating icon for easy use.

Why should you hide your WhatsApp profile picture from public

Hiding your WhatsApp profile picture or dp has a lot of benefits.

  • To solve privacy concerns while using WhatsApp in a public area.
  • To avoid leaking your WhatsApp contact’s name and profile picture.
  • You can protect someone’s info on WhatsApp from strangers.
  • Stop people from misusing WhatsApp contact number and other details.

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