How to Activate Passcode Lock for Telegram

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging app. When we compare Telegram with most of the similar social messaging applications, we can see that Telegram offers a wide range of options for messaging, mainly in the case of privacy. Also, it has some outstanding features like allowing users to send files of more than 1 GB data, Message Timer, Sectret Chats, Groups and Channels which can have more number of participants etc.

Telegram is marketed as a more secure app than WhatsApp. Its developers are continuously adding new features to the app. Recently, Telegram added a Themes option and Passcode option to the app. The Passcode feature is a built-in option which helps users to increase the security, while most similar messaging apps don’t have a built-in security code feature, i.e., whenever the app is opened, it asks for the passcode. So, it keeps the privacy high. Today we will discuss how you can add Passcode lock for Telegram app on your device.

How To Enable Passcode/Security Lock For Telegram App

Step 1: Firstly update your Telegram app. Android users can download latest version from Google Play Store and iOS users can update the app from App Store. Step 2: Now open your Telegram app and tap the Menu Bar. You can open the Menu by taping on the three bars symbol at the left top corner in the app.
Telegram App Menu
Step 3: Go to Settings> Privacy and Security
Open Telegram app settings

From the Menu options, go to Settings and select Privacy and Security.

Telegram app security options

Step 4: Now you can see various Privacy and Security related options. In the Security section, now select the Passcode Lock option.

Passcode Lock for Telegram
Step 5: Now you have two options, ie, you can set a digits only “PIN”  or a “Password” with combination of both alphabets and numbers.
Turn on lock for Telegram

If you select the PIN option, then you have to enter a four digit code and click OK. You are Done! Now your Telegram App is secured with a Passcode Lock. When you set up an additional passcode, a lock icon will appear on the chats page. Tap it to lock and unlock your Telegram App.

Enter lock for Telegram android app
Note: If you forget the Passcode, you will need to delete and reinstall the App. All Secret Chats will be lost. 

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