Vi APN Settings for High Speed 4G Internet

[Vi APN Settings 2021] for 4G LTE High Speed Mobile Internet

Vi India, earlier known as Vodafone-Idea is now one of the most popular telecom service provider in India. When both Vodafone and Idea combined together, some of their service numbers and USSD codes were changed. So, here I will share the APN settings for Vi to use fast and high speed 4G LTE internet on your mobile phone in 2021.

When Vi was introduced, the customers of Vodafone and Idea may have faced some issues on SIM card recharge and codes dialing. This is because, some of the old codes were replaced with new ones.

Below, you can find the best APN settings for Vi India 3G/4G high speed data for 2021. Recently, a lot of Vi users complained of low data speeds especially during the night time. So you may be able to overcome this issue with this APN settings.

Vi APN Settings 2021 - For High Speed 4G LTE Internet

This is the new APN settings for Vi in 2021 to enjoy high speed 4G internet in India. Copy this APN settings or replace the existing ones from your mobile.

Name – Vi LTE


Proxy – do not update

Port – do not update

Username – do not update

Password – do not update

Server – do not update

MMSC – do not update

MMSC Proxy – do not update

MCC – do not update

MNC – do not update

Authentication type – do not update

APN type – Default

APN protocol – IPV4/IPV6

Enable/disable APN – Enable

Bearer – Unspecified

Steps to Update Vi Internet APN Settings - [Android]

If you are an Android user, follow the steps to change your Vi APN settings

  • Go to your phone’s Settings
  • Choose Wireless & Network>Mobile Networks.
  • Now click on Access Point Names.
  • Select Vi SIM icon/settings.
  • Create a new APN settings.
  • Now enter the above information to the fields.
  • Save settings.
  • Now Restart your device to see the change.

Done! Now you will get high speed data on your device.

How to Update APN Settings on iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, you will have to follow different method to update the APN settings.

On Wi-Fi, connect to any Wi-Fi network and go to . Now scroll a little down and click on ‘Create APN’ link. Now you can see a list of Telecom operators as a drop down. Choose India>Vi and click on ‘Create APN‘. You will be redirected to a new page to install the new APN settings.

On mobile data, go to Cellular Data Options>Cellular Data Network and enter the new APN settings.

Default APN Settings for Vi India

In case you need the default APN settings, copy from below:

Name – Vi Net
Proxy –¬† do not update
Port – do not update
Username – do not update
Password – do not update
Server – do not update
MMSC – do not update
MCC – do not update
MNC – do not update
Authentication Type – do not update
APN Type – Default, supl
APN Protocol – IPV4
Enable/Disable APN – Enable APN
Bearer – Unspecified

If you want to restore to the previous settings or default settings, open Settings>Mobile Networks. Now select Access Point Names and click on Restore/Reset settings.

Now you have learned how to create a new APN settings for Vi or any telecom operator. But for other providers like Airtel, BSNL etc. you must enter their own APN settings to make it work properly.

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If there is a case that an APN settings do not work, you should check for errors. This can be from  yourself, your device or the network operator. Contacting the support or customer team is better in such situations. Also check for any errors when you enter the values into the fields.


Which is the best Vi APN settings for fast internet?

For fast internet on Vi (Vodafone-Idea), use the APN settings on this page. Use the default settings in case this do not work.

How to get Vi APN settings?

You can contact Vi customer care by dialing 198 to get Vi APN settings for your device.

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