How To Check Jio/JioFi SIM Number

Jio played a good role in providing internet availability to majority of the population in India at cheap rates. People welcomed Jio with both their hands since the brand was introduced. There was a time when using internet was a dream for a good percent of people in the country due to its high prices and lack of speed & coverage. It all changed suddenly when Mukesh Ambani introduced their new brand Jio. This new brand offered free mobile internet for the first six months as a welcome gift to the customers, which made people to migrate to Jio or use a Jio connection as secondary.

Jiofi Modem - JioFi2, JioFi 3

Jio soon came up with many amazing plans and offers with high speed internet at an affordable charge which made most of the mobile internet users to switch to Jio as their primary connection. Later Jio introduced several devices like JioPhone, JioFi Wi-Fi Router etc… which received wide popularity in the country.

There may be some situations for you that you forgot your Jio SIM Number. This can be sometimes when you buy a new SIM or get one from your friends or relatives, so you may need to check its SIM number.

In this post, I will show how to know or find your JioFi or Jio SIM number easily in simple steps.

What is JioFi ?

JioFi is a portable broadband device which allows multiple users and mobile devices to connect to Jio’s high speed 4G internet. It can be also used as a personal Wi-Fi hotspot. This device allows you to connect a minimum of 10 devices + 1 USB connection. Some models have the ability to connect many more devices.

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This post will help you if you forget your JioFi SIM card number or if you want to check the number for recharge etc.

How To Check My JioFi SIM Number

There are two different methods to check or know your JioFi SIM Number. You can find using any of the below methods.

Find Jio SIM Number using MyJio App [Method 1]

STEP 1 : Download MyJio App (If you are an Android user, you can download it from Google Play Store.

STEP 2 : Login to MyJio App

If you don’t have a MyJio account, then you can create a new one with the MyJio App.

STEP 3 : View Your SIM Card Number

After you login to the MyJio app you can see your SIM number at the top of the app screen. (For this method, you should insert your JioFi SIM card in your smartphone or must connect to the JioFi’s Wi-Fi connection)

Know Jio SIM Number using IMEI Number [Method 2]

STEP 1 : Find IMEI Number of your JioFi device.

You can find the IMEI Number of your JioFi device on the description slip of the box or you should open the battery compartment of your JioFi device and remove the battery to find it.

STEP 2 : Send an SMS to Jio

SMS From Jio Number: If you have a phone with a Jio SIM card in it, then create an SMS in the following format:

Jio <IMEI>and then send the SMS to 199.SMS From Non Jio Number: If you are having a non Jio SIM card in your phone, then create an SMS in the following format:Jio <IMEI>and send an SMS to 7021799999.If you follow the above steps, now you will receive an SMS with Jio SIM Number associated with the specified IMEI number.


How can I check my JioFi number without app?

To check your JioFi SIM number without app, send ‘Jio<IMEI Number> to 199 from a Jio connection or to 7021799999 from a non Jio-connection.

Can I use Airtel SIM in JioFi?

No. You cannot use a non-Jio SIM like Vodafone, Airtel, BSNL etc. in your JioFi dongle. Using other SIM connections with JioFi will not work even if you try to unlock the device.

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