5 Best Linktree Alternatives for Instagram Bio Links

If you are an Instagram influencer or one who runs a business related profile on Instagram you may have noticed the limitation in the platform for sharing links. It allows you to share only a single link in your bio and the links in the post description are unclickable too. This is one of the most frustrating thing on Instagram which affects most businesses and creators on the platform.

One way to overcome the issue is to update the bio with the most relevant link every time. But this too has limitations, you may be having several social media links, affiliate links, promotional links etc. at the same time. This is the reason how several ‘link-in profile’ sites like Linktree became so popular. You may have noticed it common on most Instagram business or creator profiles.

Using Linktree is useful for sharing multiple links at a time, but has several limitations. Also, you are required to purchase the paid version to use all of its features which may not be affordable to all.

So, let us check out some alternatives with similar or better features than Linktree.

What is Linktree?

Linktree is a ‘link-in profile’ tool which allows you to link multiple URLs on your Instagram profile bio. It got very popular within a short period of time after its release. As you are only allowed to share one link on your Instagram bio, this tool enables sharing multiple links such as your social media profiles, affiliate links, promotional links etc.

Limitations of Linktree (Free version)

  1. Cannot add custom background images.
  2. Linktree logo displayed on the landing page.
  3. Detailed analytics not available.
  4. Limited number of themes available.

Linktree Pricing:

  • Linktree (Free version) – $0
  • Linktree PRO – $6/month
Linktree Pricing

Linktree vs Custom Landing Page – Which one should you choose?

As there are so many alternatives for Linktree, we have selected those having more features and better appearance. You can choose any of them as everyone has different choices and needs.

There are a lot of people who build custom landing pages similar to Linktree. If you have a little web designing or developer level knowledge, it’s better to go for a custom landing page. You can get a domain and hosting at a cheaper price than some of the link-in-bio tools.

Custom landing pages are best for people who want to add unlimited links or want to customize the landing page in the way they want it to be. But, if you only have a small requirement or just to add a few links, then its better to go for any link-in-bio tool.

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5 Best Linktree Alternatives

Now let us check out the 5 best Linktree alternatives in 2022.

  1. ContactInBio
  2. Swipop
  3. TapBio
  4. Lynx
  5. Campsite

1. ContactInBio (Best Linktree Alternative)

Contactinbio - Linktree Alternative

ContactInBio is one of the most popular link-in profile tools after Linktree. It has a landing page which is almost similar to Linktree. The main highlight of this tool is its ‘contact form’. It helps you to easily communicate with your followers or clients on different topics. It is very easy to set up ContactInBio as your Instagram ‘link book’. It also has an option to link your social media profiles with their icons attached.


  1. Easy to use User Interface.
  2. Attach your social profiles with their icons.
  3. Live preview available while editing.
  4. Multiple customization options.
  5. It can import the links from your Linktree profile.


  • Starter – Free
  • Business – $7 per month
  • Agency – $28 per month

2. Swipop

Swipop - Linktree Alternative

Swipop is best for those who sell premium content online. It has an eCommerce feature attached to it. The main feature of Swipop is that it integrates with Stripe so that you can sell your paid contents directly. This is very useful for you if you are searching ways to monetize your content using Instagram. Also, it is easy to manage your links with Swipop.


  1. Simple & professional UI.
  2. Easy to set up links.
  3. Best for selling premium content with Stripe integration.
  4. Free to use.


  • Free

3. TapBio

TapBio - Linktree Alternative

TapBio has a very different user interface unlike the other Linktree alternatives.  You may feel it a little complicated when you use it for the first time. You get cards to add/display each of your links. Also, you can add a custom background image for the landing page. You can only get a single extra card in the free plan or you have to upgrade to any premium plan.


  1. Card based unique interface.
  2. A range of customization options available.
  3. Custom background image.


  • Basic – Free
  • Silver – $5 per month
  • Gold – $12 per month

4. Lynx

Lynx - Instagram Bio Link

LynxInBio is the best easy-to-use alternative for Linktree. You can add your website, blog, social profiles, affiliate links, Kickstarter projects, favorite products and almost any link that you want to share with your audience. You can choose from a variety of colors to fit your landing page. It also allows you to customize the button background, button text, button border, page text etc. Lynx displays their brand icon on the landing page and you need to upgrade to the premium plan to get it removed and enjoy the premium features.


  1. Variety of themes available.
  2. Facebook and Instagram icons.
  3. Better analytics.


  • Basic – Free
  • Pro – $5 per month

5. Campsite

Campsite - Instagram Bio Link App

Campsite has a lot of similarities to Linktree. The main difference from Linktree is its images attached next to corresponding links. It offers a lot of features in their free version. This tool is best for brands to promote their items. When you switch your Campsite account to the paid version you can schedule your links and also integrate with MailChimp which allows your followers to join your mail list.


  1. Landing page similar to Linktree.
  2. Add images next to the links.
  3. Font customization available.
  4. Add bio or title to the landing page.
  5. Add your social accounts.


  • Basic – Free
  • Pro – $7 per month

FAQs – Linktree Alternatives

What can I use instead of Linktree?

There are a lot of apps and services available to use instead of Linktree like CantactInBio, Lynx, Campsite etc. Also, nowadays, there are a lot of new apps in the market as Linktree alternatives. You can compare them with Linktree for features and ease of use.

Which is better Linktree or Campsite?

Both Linktree and Campsite are good for use as a link in bio tool. But, when we compare both, Linktree is more popular than Campsite. But, Campsite still has a lot of cool features. Which one is better mainly depends upon the type of need.

Can you see who clicked on your Linktree?

You cannot see the names of people who clicked on your Linktree links. But, you can get the analytics report when you login to your Linktree account where you can see how many people clicked on your Linktree link.

Can you put multiple links in your Instagram bio?

Instagram does not provide a direct feature to add multiple links in your Instagram bio. But you can make use of tools like Linktree or Campsite to add multiple links in an indirect way.

Which is the best alternative to Linktree?

There are a lot of free and paid alternatives to Linktree. If you ask which is the best one, it depends on your needs and also the features offered by the alternative tool.

Is there any free tool to add multiple links on my Instagram bio?

Yes. There are several tools or services that can be used to add multiple links on your Instagram bio, but in an indirect way.

Final word:

If you have any thoughts on the topic, feel free to comment below.

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