How to Delete your OYO Account (Simple Method)

Are you using OYO Rooms and don’t know how to delete your user account? You may have gone through the entire app and maybe the OYO Rooms website too.

In this post, I will show you how to delete your OYO Rooms account in the easiest way. As you may know, OYO does not provide the option to delete your account permanently either in their app or website. Also, they have not provided enough support doc or help articles on this.

The facility to delete user account is usually available in most of the apps/websites. There are a lot of reasons that a user wants to delete their account. Main reasons are given below:

Why users want to Delete their OYO account?

  • To stop receiving too much emails.
  • When they stop using the service permanently.
  • To delete their activity history.
  • To stop others checking their activity history.
  • Thinking that the service is unsafe to use.
  • In fear of security for their personal data.
Delete OYO Account
This is the reply an OYO user got when they contacted the support team to delete OYO account. Source: Quora

How to Delete OYO Account (Simple Method)

As there is no direct facility to delete your OYO Rooms account, you should contact the customer service team via their mobile app or website. You can also contact them by email. Follow this simple method given below to learn how to delete your OYO account:

Step 1: Download OYO Rooms mobile app.

Step 2: Login to your Account

Step 3: Go to ‘Need Help‘ section in the bottom tab of the app interface. (From desktop site, go to Help section.

Step 4: Enter your booking ID in the field and click ‘Proceed’.

Step 5: Now connect with a customer care executive and tell them you want to delete your OYO account.

Now, if you didn’t get a positive response, contact them by mail.

To contact OYO Rooms help team by mail, send your queries to or from your registered email ID. Mention your OYO Rooms booking ID to make the process fast.

If still not able to get a solution, you can connect with their customer care or help team on call.

OYO Rooms Helpline number – +91 93139 31393

Hope you were able to delete your OYO account after following any of the above processes. If you have any queries, feel free to ask them below in the comments.

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Contact OYO Rooms Helpline:

OYO Rooms contact number: +91 93139 31393

Email: , / (booking related queries)


How can I delete my OYO account permanently?

You cannot delete your OYO Rooms account permanently by yourself. For this, you can contact OYO Rooms support team by email.

How do I delete my OYO Rooms booking history?

There is no option in OYO Rooms to delete your booking history manually. This will be deleted automatically when the display limit is reached. You can see a maximum of 50 records in the booking history (including cancelled bookings).

Can I cancel my OYO booking?

Yes, you can cancel your OYO Rooms booking from the mobile app or website. The refund amount will be credited to your account in 14 working days.

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