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As internet and other technology based facilities are very common nowadays, we often ‘consult’ YouTube or Google to clear most of our doubts. To find the technique or idea to complete a specific task, we search for video tutorials or online classes. The case is similar when we want some motivation to boost our mood, we search for inspirational speeches or life stories of great personalities.

 But, the problem is that we may not be getting the results in our own language or in a language we understand. On YouTube, this issue can be solved to an extend by turning on subtitles. But in some cases, the subtitles are auto-generated which may not be completely accurate.

Have you ever thought of a solution for this so that you can understand all the videos you watch on YouTube no matter what the language is? Yes, now we have a solution for this. So, in this post you will learn the trick to dub or translate any online/offline video to your own language. You can get dubbed voices of the videos you watch in YouTube or any other similar platforms. This method can be used instead of subtitles to save your valuable time while watching a video.

So if you have videos with you, let it be tutorials, motivation speeches or anything, even if you are watching online, you can translate or dub it to most of the popular languages. For example, if you are watching an English video on YouTube, you can translate or dub it into Malayalam (an Indian native language). So now let us check how to use this tool.

Features of Votch TV

  • Simple User Interface
  • Your online/offline videos can be dubbed into almost all the popular languages
  • Availability of a range of native languages
  • Create subtitle for online/offline videos in any language with ease
  • Watch videos from YouTube in your own language
  • Dub videos in male/female vocals
  • You can adjust clip volume manually

How to Translate a YouTube Video to Any Language using Votch.TV

Logo - Votch TV
Logo – Votch TV

Follow the steps below to translate a YouTube video to any language:

Step 1: Open any video on YouTube.

Step 2: Copy the video URL (on YouTube mobile app, click on the Share button just below the video that you are watching to copy the video URL).

How to Copy YouTube video Link

Step 3: Go to or Click Here 

Votch.TV - Translate or Dub YouTube Video to Any Language
Votch.TV – Translate or Dub YouTube Video to Any Language

Step 4: Sign Up on Votch or use your existing account. You can also register using your Google account.

Create an Account on Votch TV app

Step 5: When you finish the registration process, you will be directed to your Votch dashboard.

Step 6: Click on ‘New Dubbing Session‘.

Dub video in Votch TV

Step 7: Then paste the YouTube video URL that you have copied. If you want to translate an offline video, choose the ‘File Upload‘ option and then upload video file manually from your device.

Translate or Dub YouTube video on Votch TV

Step 8: Choose the language you want to translate from (for example, “English” if the original video is in English).

Step 9: Now click on the ‘Start‘ button to begin the translation process.

Step 10: Now check the video that you have uploaded. If you are on mobile view, you can switch it to ‘Desktop Site’ to view the complete interface.

Translating YouTube Video with

Step 11: On the right side of the website screen, now you can see the translation for the video that you have uploaded. (Here you can choose the language to which you want it to be translated). Also, it displays the time where the notes are spoken in the video. Selecting Translation Language

Now you have successfully finished translating the video. So, now let us check how to dub it.

How to Dub a YouTube Video to Any Language

Step 1: Follow the steps above to upload your video to Votch. Don’t forget to choose the language to which you want the video to be dubbed.

Step 2:You will be directed to a new interface after the upload is complete.

Step 3: Now click on the ‘video‘ option and select your preferred language again. Also, here you can switch between male/female vocals or adjust the volume of the dubbed sound manually from the screen.

Step 4: Now click on the ‘Create Video‘ button.

How to Dub YouTube Video on Votch TV

Step 5: Done!! Now you will get the output video in the language that you have selected. You can test the dubbed video from the same screen itself.


Can I translate a video using Votch TV?

Yes. You can translate a video using Votch TV to popular available languages.

How can I contact Votch TV support team?

If you have any queries regarding Votch TV, you can contact them via .

Can I dub videos using Votch TV?

Yes, you can dub videos to different languages.

Can I dub a video to Malayalam using Votch TV?

You can dub your videos to Malayalam using Votch TV.


So now you have learned how to translate or dub any YouTube video into your own language. This tool from Votch is very effective and simple to use. The sound syncs well with the video without any lag. You can also use this tool to translate or dub offline videos. If you failed to dub any of your videos or have doubts to clear, then ask us via comments.

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