10+ Best Telegram Channels for UPSC

If you are preparing for the upcoming UPSC exams, then you are at the right place. Here, I am going to share some useful Telegram channels that will help you to prepare and write well in the UPSC exams. I have made a hand picked list of Telegram channels, in which you can find UPSC study materials, ask doubts, know latest info and updates etc.. Here, you can also interact with the tutors or experienced trainers to clear your doubts.

We know writing UPSC exam consumes a lot of hard work. To score good marks and to get a good rank, you should give first preference to the exams only. So, to help all people, we have prepared a list of hand picked UPSC Telegram channels.

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam is one of the toughest and most challenging exam conducted by the Government of India, which means you cannot pass this in a luck. Also, this exam is like a gateway for the ones looking to grab a government job, i.e., good scores in UPSC exam can help you if you want to secure your career in reputed areas like IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS etc.

Is Telegram useful for UPSC?

Yes, Telegram channels can act as a one-to-many social media platform where a teacher or a trainer can teach a lot of students without any worries or special effort. Also, Telegram allows you to share large videos and documents easily while WhatsApp only allows you to share limited size at a time. It has an option to save the files in the ‘saved messages’ tab too, so that you can check them later.

Another reason why people choose Telegram for these kind of purposes is it’s capacity to occupy unlimited members in a single channel.

Best Telegram Channels for UPSC Exam Preparation

The best Telegram channels for UPSC Exam preparation is listed below. We have checked these channels that no disturbing promotional content is shared in them. Click the ‘Join Channel’ link to see them in just a click.

UPSC Telegram ChannelsJoin Link
UPSC Materials Noteshttps://t.me/UpscMaterialsNotes
UPSCPDF (Notes and Materials)https://t.me/UpscMaterials_Upscpdf
UPSC PDFhttps://t.me/UpscpdfofficialAccount
UPSC materials in Hindihttps://t.me/upscmaterials12
UPSC, UPPCS, MPSC, RPSC STUDY MATERIALShttps://t.me/upscmaterials12
UPSC Mains GShttps://t.me/UPSCMainsGS
Ethics UPSC GS 4 Paperhttps://t.me/UPSCMainsGS4Books
UPSC Civil Services (IAS)https://t.me/onlycivilservices
IAS- Essay Writing Thoughtshttps://t.me/EssayWritingThoughts
UPSC NOTES (image + any form)https://t.me/joinupsc
UPSC Answer Writinghttps://t.me/UPSCanswer
UP PCS UPPCS 2021 UPPSC 2021https://t.me/uppcs

UPSC Materials Notes

One of the best channel to get study materials and useful notes as PDF files. No disturbing messages or promotions from Admin’s side.

(12K+ Members)

UPSCPDF (Notes and Materials)

This channel has a lot of Notes and study materials in PDF format.

(5K Members)

UPSC PDF (www.upscpdf.com)

Provides useful materials, PDFs, youtube video lectures & tutorials and has 70K+ active members in it.

(73K+ Members)

UPSC materials in Hindi

Shares current affairs, study materials and docs in Hindi.

(400 Members)


Shares informational content like polls, tests, current important issues, maps, books, coaching materials, NCERT related and magazines. Topics are shared in both Hindi and English.

(800 Members)


Has a lot of PDFs and articles. These articles will be very useful as they share some important piece of knowledge.

(7K+ Members)

Ethics UPSC GS 4 Paper

Useful PDFs and articles that describe important historic events and recent topics.

(16K+ Members)

UPSC Civil Services (IAS)

This channel is created for UPSC Civil Services Exam. Current affairs and useful general knowledge items in both English and Hindi.

(2K+ Members)

IAS- Essay Writing Thoughts

Best channel for essays, writings and articles. Also shares useful information is images. Available in both English and Hindi.

(7K+ Members)

UPSC NOTES (image + any form)

Helping UPSC aspirants via knowledge sharing. This is one of the best Telegram channel which shares a lot of infographics. These helps to understand and keep things in mind in a look.

(7K+ Members)

UPSC Answer Writing

This is a Telegram group that has over 5K active learners. So, you can discuss and ask your doubts. This group also has a lot of experts to clarify your doubts.

(5K+ Members)


Sharing useful articles, info, and PDF files for UPSC aspirants. They also have around 50K users. Available in both English and Hindi.

(50K Members)

How to Find more UPSC Telegram Channels?

We have listed some of the best UPSC Telegram channels and groups in this post. These share more informational content and very less promotions.

If you want to join more Telegram channels like these, its simple! Follow the steps below to find them easily.

Step 1: Open Telegram mobile app or Desktop version.

Step 2: Now click on the Search icon located at the top right corner of your mobile device. For desktop users, find it at the left top section above recent chats.

Step 3: Enter some keywords related to UPSC exams. For example: UPSC, UPSC Exam, SSC Exam, IAS, PSC Exam etc.)

Step 4: Now check out the channels/groups appeared below.

Step 5: Now you can check out those channels/groups, members count, type of posts shared in it etc. If you are satisfied with them, click on the ‘Join Channel/Group’ tab at the bottom of the screen. Finish! Now you will receive notifications automatically whenever a new update is available.

What are the Job Positions for UPSC Exam Top Scorers

There are a lot of job positions that you can get if you have a high score in the UPSC exam. Some of the top level job sectors are given below:

IAS (Indian Administrative Service)

IFS (Indian Foreign Service)

IFS (Indian Forest Service)

Indian Post & Telecommunication Accounts and Finance Service

IPS (Indian Police Service)

IRS (Indian Revenue Service)

Indian Defence Accounts Service

Indian Railway Traffic Service

Indian Railway Accounts Service

Indian Railway Personnel Service

Indian Trade Service

Why best Telegram Channel for UPSC link not working?

Some of you may have faced an issue that the best telegram channel for UPSC links listed above are not working. This is not an error in most cases. It happens mostly because you do not have Telegram app installed (or opened) in your mobile phone. If you are a desktop user, paste the channel join link in the search bar of the Telegram app. This can be tried on mobile devices too. If you still have any issues, then comment below.


Which is the best Telegram channel for UPSC preparation?

The best Telegram channel for UPSC exam preparations is UPSC PDF. This channel has more than 70K followers which is because of the quality and trustworthy they provide. You can get useful study materials in text, PDF and image format which can be directly downloaded into your device.

How can I join Telegram group of study for civil services?

You can open the Telegram mobile app and search for queries like UPSC, PSC, IAS and other related keywords to join Telegram groups and channels to study for civil services.

Can I join Telegram channel without link?

Open Telegram app or web version and search for your desired Telegram channel to find and join them without link.

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