Best Blogger Themes for Faster AdSense Approval

Getting AdSense approval is sometimes a difficult task for Bloggers. Because, there are a lot of Blogger themes that are just for names and do not have much features. Some of these even do not have a professional appearance.

I have been using Google Blogger for a while now, and I know the struggle to find the perfect theme. Most of the bloggers see it as their passive income source and there are few who earn money that is their main income source. As Blogger do not have advanced features like WordPress, you have to use some coding skills to customize and give it a professional look.

AdSense is one of the leading platforms for bloggers or publishers to monetize their valuable content. When we compare it with other similar platforms, it is one that gives you more revenue. Also, it is very easy to manage.

Even if there are a lot of Ad networks for Blogger, AdSense is the one that has built-in integration and works fine. So, here I have listed some Blogger templates that are AdSense friendly. You can try these to get AdSense approval faster for your blog website. But remember that, just having a good looking theme alone cannot get you the approval.

How to get faster AdSense Approval for Blogger

Check out the tips below to get faster Google AdSense approval for your blog.

  1. Write unique content.
  2. Use an SEO friendly theme.
  3. Use a responsive and mobile-friendly template.
  4. Avoid themes that have designer/builder branding.
  5. Make sure your website has smooth navigation & layout.
  6. Create an About, Contact, Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions page for your blog.
  7. Write at least 10 to 15 articles.
  8. Avoid use of disturbing pop-up Ads.

These are tips to ease your AdSense approval process. Please check their policies and guidelines to know more.

Best Blogger Themes for Faster AdSense Approval

Best Blogger Themes for Fast AdSense Approval

So let us check out some of the best themes that help you get AdSense approval faster in 2022.

Blogger Theme for Faster AdSense ApprovalDownload Link
Medium UI
The Funk

Medium UI Blogger Theme

Medium UI is one of the best Blogger themes that is AdSense friendly. It has a very nice and professional UI. Also, it’s design is in a simple way that gives the user a good experience on the site.

Medium UI Blogger template load lazy which helps to improve page speed. You can check the theme demo by clicking on the link below. This theme is loading fast and comes with a dark mode feature, which is not commonly seen in other templates. It helps users browse better in night conditions.


The Funk Blogger Theme

The Funk is an awesome Blogger theme that is simple and smooth. It’s design is similar to the popular WordPress blog theme ‘GeneratePress’. If you use this theme, then people might think it is a WordPress blog because of it’s header and layout. The only thing I didn’t like in this theme is the font they have used.


Blogghiamo Blogger Theme

I love this Blogger theme very much because it is very simple and clean. It gives a very nice scrolling experience. If you are using this, please try scrolling up and down. It is moving very fast and smooth. This type of nice scrolling effect is seen in some WordPress themes like OceanWP.

Blogghiamo has a good container width set for desktop devices. All these features make this one of the best Blogger themes for AdSense approval. I hope you love this one as it is very much like a WordPress or premium theme.


GNews Blogger Theme

GNews is a premium look Blogger theme that comes with a lot of cool features. You can check their demo from below to see the features. You can display blog categories as separate on the Home page. Here, you have many locations to set different types of Ads.

GNews is designed by Templateify. It is fast loading, Ads friendly and responsive. It also has a day-night switcher placed on the header to switch easily between modes.


Melody Blogger Theme

It is one of the best Blogger theme which is Ads friendly. This suits best for blogs. They have maintained a good container gap on both sides to give the user a good page experience on the website. You can add a background image to further increase the appearance of the theme. It also has an awesome header, menu and footer.


Most of the themes listed above have both paid and free versions. The paid versions offer more options. The themes listed above are AdSense friendly, but these are not the only ones used to get approval. There are a lot of themes available that fits Blogger + AdSense integration.

If you want more AdSense approval Blogger theme or already have one that is not listed above, then comment below. Check out some job portal blogger templates.


Can I get AdSense approval with Blogger?

Blogger comes with a built-in AdSense integration so that you can get AdSense approval easily.

Why is my Blogger not eligible for AdSense?

You have to follow the policies and guidelines mentioned by Google for your Blogger blog to be eligible for AdSense.

How many articles are needed for AdSense approval?

There is no specific number of posts needed for AdSense approval. If you have unique and SEO friendly content, then you can get AdSense approval with just 5 to 7 posts.

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