6 Best Blogger Templates for Job Portal Websites

Are you searching for the best Blogger template for your jobs portal website? We have listed below the best collection of hand-picked templates for you which are FREE to download.

The reason that I write this blog is because I too had the same experience in the past. There are a lot of job sites and most of them have a decent amount of traffic. That’s why most Bloggers try this niche. And also, there are a lot of ways that you can generate traffic into it other than organic search. If you maintain it well, you can generate a lot of visitors and monetize it. So, in this post I will show you some of the best free Blogger job themes and how to run a successful business with it.

Why you should have a special template for Job Website?

Job sites are entirely different from other blog niches. A good jobs site should highlight some items to help the visitors easily understand the content. The navigation of a website is an important part that decides how long a user should spend on the site. When you use a normal blog theme, you don’t have the special features in it to add job description and job image which is very important. Also, these posts should be deleted after a certain time so the visitors do not need to apply for an expired job. So, to get a special user experience on your site, you should use jobs site themes.

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Features required for a Jobs Portal theme

A jobs portal site should have some features for the best User Experience (UX). They are:

  • It should show job posted date.
  • Auto delete option to remove expired jobs.
  • Newsletter updates for upcoming job offers.
  • Special area to add job description.
  • Highlight number of vacancies available, years of experience required, mode of work and job location.
  • It should be SEO and mobile friendly.
  • It should be monetization friendly.

6 Ways to Monetize a Jobs Portal Site

Monetization is an important part of any website. It will allow you to make an earning in return of the time you invest in it. Some of the best ways to monetize a Jobs portal site are given below:

  • Display Ads: Google AdSense, Media.Net.
  • Native Ads: Taboola, MGID, Outbrain.
  • Affiliate Programs: Amazon Affiliate and other related affiliate programs where you can get a commission for your sale.
  • Promoting other websites and services.
  • Tie up with recruiters, job providers or similar agencies.
  • Membership program: You can charge users for listing or applying to jobs.

Things to consider before choosing a Website Template

  1. Speed: Speed is an important factor you should check before choosing a theme for your website. When your site loads faster than your competitors, you get its advantage in rankings.
  2. Mobile Friendliness: More than half of all search queries come from mobile devices. And Google gives more preference for sites optimized for mobile devices.
  3. SEO Friendliness: An SEO friendly site gets more organic traffic by improving its position in search engine results.
  4. AMP: AMP enabled sites loads faster and gets a special advantage in mobile ranking.
  5. Unwanted codes: The main difference between a free theme and a paid one is the use of unwanted JavaScript and CSS. Free themes usually load a little bit slower than purchased ones because of excess JS and CSS codes in it.

Basic features required for an ideal Blogger Template

There are some basic features and facilities every template should have to be called as a good one. They are:

  1. Responsive & Mobile Friendly Design
  2. SEO Friendly
  3. Good Site Structure & Navigation
  4. Fast Loading
  5. Structured Data friendly
  6. Not using excess JavaScript and CSS

6 Best Blogger Templates for Job Portal Websites

Here, I will share the list of best Blogger templates for Job Portal Websites. You can check their demo sites and also download them to add to your site.

1. Jobs Business Blogger Template

Jobs Business Blogger Template

This is a must try Blogger jobs template. This is a free theme and comes with a number of jobs site facilities. The main highlight of the template is its premium job portal appearance and a jobs search widget. There is a search widget in Jobs Business like Google search where visitors can type their queries and look for related jobs. I haven’t seen this feature in most other Blogger themes.

Seeing the site people may think its a high authority jobs portal. When you search for a job with any query, a list of relevant job posts appear which gives a good UI/UX to the visitor. This theme also has a quick job ‘Apply’ button that lets you see the job in detail from the home page itself. They have also customized their ‘related jobs’ section.

2. PKM Jobs Blogger Template

PKM Jobs Blogger Template

PKM Jobs is another customized template for jobs portal usage in 2022. Its main highlights include custom theme layout, categorization and the breaking news flowing news ticker in top bar of the theme. It has a pleasant appearance every job template should have. Its header menu is given in a way you can add a lot of divisions and still it looks not so bulky. Also, it loads amazingly fast. You can check the demo by clicking the button below.

3. InJob Blogger Template

InJob Blogger Template

InJob is a specially designed Blogger template for job portal sites. This theme highlights job categories so that the user can easily look for available vacancies in his/her job field. Also this theme loads very fast, which is mandatory for every template. You can add a post image and description for the posts. The best feature of this theme is that it shows jobs into categories which may make the visitors to click and check other pages too. This will also help you generate additional income and improve your SEO by reducing bounce rate.

InJob is a simple, versatile and fast loading blogspot template. If you are looking for a less stylistic and lightweight design, this is a theme to go for. Also, this theme is equipped with the latest SEO features like breadcrumbs, fast loading, mobile friendliness etc.

4. Sora Jobs Blogger Template

Blogger templates from Sora are very popular for more than five years now. They have provided a lot of free and paid templates for Blogspot which follows latest SEO guidelines. Sora Jobs is a job portal theme which looks similar to InJob. It group jobs into different categories and highlight them in the homepage itself. This is a good feature for every jobs theme. When a user enters your site and search for IT jobs, he can simply go to that section and see all that matches.

Homepage plays key role in every job portal site. If it is optimized with less images to reduce page load time, you can increase the number of people visiting your site. This is what Sora have already done for this theme.

5. Best Result Blogger Template

Best Result Blogger Theme

Best Result is my favorite jobs template of all time. I like the appearance of this theme. It has a minimum number of images on its homepage which helps you in SEO rankings by decreasing page load time.

Best Result is a well organized theme and can also be used for news websites. It displays post date near to every article which helps users to easily know when it was posted. This theme comes with a premium look and a good container space is maintained.

6. Piki Job Alert Blogger Template

Piki Job Alert Free Blogger Template

Like most other job templates, Piki Job Alert arranged its homepage in a user friendly way. The jobs are grouped in a good way that allows user to have a good experience. This is an SEO friendly and fast loading template that you can go for.

If you have a lot of job openings to post on your site, Piki is a good solution. Because it is arranged in a well manner. This is also an AdSense friendly template. You can place ads in many places like header, sidebars, between posts etc.

So you have seen some of the best jobs portal templates for your Blogger website. Now check them and let us know your view about them in the comments below. Thank You.


Can I create a job portal in Blogger?

Yes, you can create job portal websites in Blogger for free.

Is job portal site a profitable niche?

Job portal site is of high demand and is a profitable niche.

How can I earn money with a jobs portal website?

There are multiple ways to earn money from a jobs portal website. The best way is to show display ads using Google AdSense.

Is managing a jobs portal website difficult?

Managing a jobs portal site is a difficult task as you have to update new job openings and also delete the expired jobs.

How does job opening from my website appear in Google search rich results?

If you have a jobs website and want it to appear in Google search rich results, you have to add the jobs schema into your posts without any delay.

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