AI Content Writer Telegram Bot – Write Essays, Blogs & Articles

Essay Gen Bot is a new Telegram bot that allows you to generate essays, articles and blog sections for free. This bot is so cool that writing is this easy now. You don’t have to depend a website for this. Now generate articles on the go.

This AI writer bot is very useful for content writers and bloggers. You can generate fresh articles on the go.

AI Content Writer Telegram Bot

How to use:

  1. Enter @essy_gen_bot or go to to use their service.
  2. Press the ‘Start’ button to begin the bot.
  3. Enter any topic or a sentence, for example: Forest.
  4. Wait for few seconds.

Done. Now you can see an article generated on the topic you entered.

Is AI Writer Telegram Bot Plagiarism Free?

I have personally checked this bot. Added a topic and checked the generated topic on various plagiarism checker tools.

When I done this, the articles were not 100% plagiarism free. More than 40% of the generated article for common topic was highlighted as plagiarized content.

Who can make use of the AI Writer Bot?

This AI Writer Telegram Bot can be used to generate essays, articles, section writing.

But I don’t recommend this AI writer for blog writing as the output was partially plagiarized. But you can generate articles and check plagiarism before you use for blog writing.

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