What are Labels in Blogger | How to use them effectively?

If you are a Blogger user, then you might have seen a section called ‘Labels’ while composing a new blog post. These appear in the blog posts page too. Do you know why labels are really used? What are the benefits of using labels in a blog post? In this post let us check in detail what are labels and how to use them effectively.

If you are an active Blogger and don’t know what is label in Blogger, then it’s time for you to check whether you are using it in the right way or not. There are people who don’t know how to use labels and spam it. When you do so, you are also making your blogs not to rank easily in search engines.

What are Labels in Blogger?

Labels in Blogger, also known as categories, is a simple feature that is used to arrange your blogs into different sections. You can add similar posts into a category to group them. This helps users or blog readers to easily understand the topic of the articles and to browse similar ones easily.

Why should you use labels in Blogger?

There are a lot of benefits you get by using labels in your Blogger posts. Some of the reasons why you should use labels are:

  • It helps you arrange blog posts into different categories.
  • It helps the blog owner to group similar blogs to create a menu item or a tab.
  • Helps users to easily browse similar posts in a website or a blog.
  • Blog viewers can understand the category of the blog post.
  • It plays an important role in SEO, helping search engines to understand the content better.

How to use Labels effectively? (Best Practices)

If you have been using ‘labels’ for a long time and don’t know how to use them, then you are on the wrong track. Labels are just similar to categories in WordPress. It plays an important role in SEO. Using labels in your blog posts helps search engines to easily understand your website.

When you search for a keyword in a search engine, you might have noticed that in some cases the categories are displayed. So let us check out some best practices of using labels in Blogger.

  1. Make it simple: Name labels with simple keywords to let the viewers easily understand them.
  2. Capitalize: When you create a new label, try to make the first letter of each word in capital letters. This also gives the blog a good appearance and a neat look.
  3. Limit label usage: Always try to use only one label for a blog post or an article. If you want to use more, try not to exceed a maximum of two labels. I say this because I have seen blog posts that use only one label rank better than the blogs with multiple labels.
  4. Avoid duplication: When creating a new label, check if there is a label already existing in the same name. Also try to avoid using plurals of the existing ones.

Suppose you have a blog that shares articles related to pets. Then you could use labels like:

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Fish
  • Birds

If you have a online fashion e-commerce store, then you could use categories like:

  • Men’s
  • Women’s
  • Trousers
  • Pants
  • Tops & Kurtis

How labels help User Experience of your blog?

Labels help you improve the User Experience (UX) of your website in several ways. When a user enters your blog and reads a blog post, they should get a good experience. This can even boost the SEO.

Blogging Tips

You should highlight relevant labels in your posts so that users can click and read similar articles. So the user can read similar articles and get more knowledge about similar topics. If a user visits another page, it will decrease the bounce rate of the website which will benefit you in terms of SEO.

Labels – Blogger vs WordPress

If you use both Blogger and WordPress and got confused about labels and categories, it’s time to get more clarity on it. Labels in Blogger act similar to categories in WordPress. Both work almost in a similar way.

In Blogger, we use labels to arrange the blogs into different groups. The same way we use categories in WordPress to arrange the posts.

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