Does Shared Hosting affect your website SEO? John Mueller answers

Does shared hosting affect your website’s SEO? This is one question that’s stuck in the minds of many SEOs and bloggers. And now, Google’s John Mueller has the perfect answer for that. He stated it clearly in a video by Google Search Central.

There has been a lot of talk on this, other than technical SEO concerns most had doubts on the nature of shared hosted websites.

In shared hosting, usually the same IP address is used by all the websites hosted on a server. So the question is that, does a bad website hosted on the server affects all the other sites on the same server? Google’s John Mueller has given the perfect answer for this.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is when more than one website is hosted on the same server or the same IP address. Here, the resources will be shared by all the sites hosted on the server.

The difference between shared hosting and dedicated hosting is that, in shared hosting an IP address is used by multiple sites while in dedicated hosting a server or an IP address is dedicated to each site.

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Does Shared Hosting affect your website SEO?

Is shared hosting fine in SEO
This was the question John Mueller answered for

John Mueller answered that using shared hosting is extremely common setup. He also added that, it’s impossible to notice from the outside that how a website is actually hosted.

“Using shared hosting is perfectly fine and does not negatively affect your site in Google Search”. But he also added that the technical issues caused by the hosting can affect your site’s SEO. i.e. when too many websites are hosted on a server with limited capacity, there can be time when the server is overloaded and some websites cannot be accessed. In such cases the website may load very slow.

“Having a website hosted on a slow server makes your user unhappy and can make it harder to crawl” – he said.

He also talked about the case where a bad website is hosted on a server where good sites are also hosted. Some SEOs call this a ‘bad neighborhood’. Mueller said – “this is not something that I’d be worried about”.

He said that there can be a wide range of websites hosted on a shared hosting, which includes some fantastic sites and some bad ones too.

For Google, this is fine and not problematic. We’ll treat each website based on its own merits, not based on its virtual neighbors.

– John Mueller

So in short, what he said is, using shared hosting is perfectly acceptable, and there is no need to always go for dedicated servers for SEO reasons.

What should you care while using a Shared Hosting?

Even though using shared hosting is fine for SEO, there are some issues you should take care of. In shared hosting, usually multiple websites are hosted on a limited server space. So when the load is heavy on one of the site, other websites may load very slow or fails to load. This can negatively impact the site’s SEO. This will stop bots from easily crawling the site at that time. Also, this can also increase the down time of your website.

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